Despite the many creative minds, entrepreneurs and artists that can be found in Africa, their hand-crafted products and unique traditions are too often overlooked by the rest of the world. For this reason, Haberdashery assists talented people throughout Africa, not only by providing them with an online platform to showcase and sell their products, but also by accompanying these products with engaging background stories.


Although Haberdashery had a clear mission, they struggled to find the right way to communicate this. We created a brand story & visual identity that captures their core values. We translated their values into a beautiful - but subtle - visual identity that would highlight the story of the makers. We choose to emphasize the platform function of Haberdashery, instead of positioning it as a retailer. With powerful quotes like #makersgonnamake #joinourstory #madeinafrica and a bright Instagram content, their core values were perfectly captured. We even took it a step further and set up a communication strategy that tells the bright sight of Africa. We created content by interviewing African influencers, fashionistas & entrepreneurs buy endless interviews.​​

Brand story - webdesign - copy website - hashtags & slogans - instagram template and guideline for three months- logo design - business cards - photography

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