"I Always had a deep curiosity for the origin of jewellery.. How did the first jewellery come about? I imagine it started with a simple appreciation for the beauty of shells, stones and other objects of nature. Wearing those objects must have been almost an automatic reaction, an immediate understanding that beautiful things can decorate us, identify us and protect us”. 


We found Jenn hidden behind her workbanch, passionately working on her next designs. To keep doing what she loved, she needed to increase her sales. We advised Jenn to step away from her classical appearance and appeal to a young target group. We created a clean visual identity and a unique brandstory - featuring Jenn as the characteristic and amazing woman that she is. In a new way, we told the story of Jenn van Viersen so that she could focus on doing what she loved. 

Brand story - webdesign - content - logo design - communication strategy - photography

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